About Me

The Short-n-Snappy Version

  • Speaks basic Russian without an accent
  • Speaks English with a perfect American or Russian accent (good with other dialects as well)
  • Masters of Fine Arts in Acting
  • Home studio
  • Uses Skype as a phone patch

The Longer Version (Go ahead, get a cup of coffee and settle in.)

What do you want to know?

Do you want to know where I’m located?

Like all great artists, I reside in Los Angeles.

Do you want to know where I came from?

Why the wilds of Alaska, originally, followed by 8 long Siberian-like winters in Chicago.

Or perhaps you’re searching for my bonafides?

If that is the case, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better qualified talent.  A BA and an MFA in acting in addition to several major awards adorn my bathroom walls (We all know the coolest place to display one’s achievements is in the bathroom.  That way guests can admire them as they complete the purpose of their visit). Perhaps you’ve heard of the Edward Albee Last Frontier Theatre Valdez Conference?  No?  Well, where have you been?!

Or maybe you are just interested in the bare bones facts.

In that case, Professor No-Fun, you’ll be interested to know that I have my own voice over studio and am able to self direct, take direction, and edit my own work. I am also always willing and able to visit local studios to record work, as long as the client promises not to murder me.  I do have a hard and fast rule against being lured into murder traps.